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    Footstool made in 1961



    I made this oak footstool in Jack Swindlehurst’s handicraft classes in 1961.

    The stool is stained, French polished and the top woven in sea grass. The top was originally a green and natural coloured check but has faded in the sun. The original green can be seen underneath. The object of the exercise was to teach us how to make mortice and tenon joints. Your choices of finish were a lighter French polish with no stain, or a red and natural sea grass check.


    If you were a duffer in Swindlehurst’s handicrafts classes you were only allowed to use the cheaper piranha pine which was softer and easier to work. After failing miserably at making a spade scraper I was only allowed to upgrade to oak after I made a good piranha pine bookend.

    Stuart Robertson (WS 1958-65)



    1. Stuart Robertson's Footstool - compressed