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    Chair of Governors' Board

    The headmastership of Rev Herbert Hill (1843–76) was beset by upheavals in Warwick town, particularly in the matter of local charities, and by three important Acts of Parliament concerned with education.  The net effect was to split the old King’s Grammar School into three.  This formed what would become Warwick School in new premises south of the River Avon, and it would also create two new schools – the King’s Middle School and King’s High School for Girls - still in the town.  A further upheaval from 1875 was that the headmaster was no longer in sole charge of the school – he would have an active, rather than passive, Board of Governors to contend with.  Hill’s retirement a year later might not have been a coincidence...

    The idea that a succession of Earls of Warwick should be Chairman of Governors seemed quite reasonable in 1875, but in fact they hardly ever attended meetings.  From the 1930s onwards the school has been served well by a variety of worthy holders of the post, and in 2004 the School Archivist was asked to compile a chronological list of chairmen, so that a board could be mounted in the Conference Room.

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