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    Yorkshireman Jack Swindlehurst taught at Warwick School for 33 years, from 1948 to 81.

    He had spent the war years in the RAF flying over Africa and India as an observer-navigator, before being promoted to an Instructor in Transport Command. After the war he completed his studies at Loughborough and came to the school in 1948 with a PE Diploma and a Craft qualification.

    From 1948 to 1960 Jack taught Craft studies part-time and games part-time, but it is his passion for Craft for which he is remembered. This is symbolised by this wooden carving he presented to the School on his retirement. His enthusiasm and skill inspired many boys and in 1960 he began teaching Craftwork and Engineering Drawing full-time. A highly popular member of staff, Jack truly inspired the origins of the fabulous DT department we have today.

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