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    1948-9 Timetable

    This charming timetable was found in the back of an old Blue Book from the Lent term of 1949.  The boy concerned was aged 7 and in Form II.  The timetable appears to have been dictated, rather than copied, and the spelling is somewhat creative – “singing” and “broadcast” appear in at least three varieties, for example.  The regular use of radio broadcasts is interesting, as is the time devoted to “General Knowledge” and, perhaps, the small amount of time devoted to games.  It is not clear how long each lesson was, but 45 minutes would be a reasonable assumption for this six-period day. 

    Over half of all British schools were listening to educational BBC broadcasts by 1942; How Things Began started in 1943, and Singing Together, a series which lasted for at least 60 years, also started in war-time.

    1. 1948-9 Timetable