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    Original lock to the front door


    The main school buildings and the front door lock date from 1879.  Boarders were locked in at night, not only by this door but also by an iron gate on the first floor landing.  When the modern electric glass sliding doors were added to the main school vestibule in the 1990s, the 1879 lock was removed at the same time, ending up in the cellar.

    On being presented with the lock by the caretaker several years later, the School Archivist lamented that there was no key.  But the key was safe and sound, still in a smash-the-glass-to-get-out roundel, and from there it was eventually reunited with the lock, which it is still capable of operating perfectly.


    The original letter box is still in position to the left of the front door of the school, as are the remains of the bell-pull nearby.

    1. OB17 Lock to the main front door