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    School Motto

    The school motto “Altiora Peto” means “I Seek Higher Things”.  Headmaster John Pearce Way announced the new motto in the Master’s Book:

    As I can find no trace of an existent school motto, I have selected one which embodies, in one phrase, as many of the aims of school life as is possible.  I hope that it will meet with the hearty approval of all the members of the school and that they will live up to it.  It is one I thought of first for the School House; but the School House and School should, I believe, have the same motto: Altiora Peto.
    July 23, 1893. JP Way.

    School House (the boarding house) was run as an independent profit-making enterprise by each headmaster from 1879 to the Second World War.  The new motto was immediately carved into the woodwork over the entrance to the chapel.

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