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    OWA Cricket Cups

    Suggested by AN Crockert (WS 1962-73).

    The Old Warwickian Cricket Club Challenge Cup for the highest batting average was given in memory of A C Davies and is dated 1910.

    OW cricket continues to thrive in the 21st century and draws players to represent their Alma Mater in competitive and friendly fixtures.

    It is enjoyed by those with varying abilities who want to play for their old boys in a marvellous setting with modern facilities. To return to play, renew old acquaintances and perhaps make some new friends too.


    Our fixtures are mostly concentrated around the end of term with the traditional 1st and 2nd X1 games against the school remaining firm favourites with many, especially recent leavers.

    Old Warwickians have also recently been invited to join the Cricketer Trophy, part of the Cricketer Cup. Current pupils in their last year of school are eligible to play for Old Warwickians in this competition.


    1. OW Cricket Cups