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The Portcullis Magazine 1988 and 2013

Headmaster Rev William Grundy had started a school magazine, The Varvickensian, in 1884-85, but no copies seem to have survivedIt is known that headmaster J. P. Way had attempted in 1887 to change the name of the school from The King’s School, Warwick to its present name, but the first edition of The Portcullis, in March 1888, clearly announces that it is “The Chronicle of Warwick School”.  The magazine was edited by pupils and appeared several times per year – there were eight editions in its first year alone.  The magazine concentrated on sporting achievements and early issues are still an invaluable source of information.

Since the Second World War The Portcullis has appeared just once per year, but still strives to be the chronicle of Warwick School.  The glossy 2013 issue has 152 pages, has a senior member of staff as editor, and weighs in at just over 650g.  In 50 or 100 years it will undoubtedly be an important source of information, too.

  1. 2013 Portcullis Cover
  2. Portcullis Collection
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